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System Fault Diagnostics

By installing flow & pressure monitors to your hydraulic circuits we can quickly produce a detailed analysis of most system faults. When used in conjunction with our oil sample analysis facility, it is sometimes possible to even PREDICT failures before they actually happen! Imagine being able to plan a machine shutdown instead of being hit with an unplanned total machine failure. The difference it would make to a planned production run & order deadline would be amazing.

Hydraulic System Testing

Hydraulic systems are generally very reliable and often run for many years with little or no maintenance, and in our experience, neglect is often the main cause of failure. All systems degenerate over a long period of time and if a fault is internal, (no obvious external signs) the first indication is that the oil will overheat. This is where our system testing can prove to be invaluable. With simple tests, internal faults can be identified and rectified, quickly bringing your system back to full working order. Sometimes a component failure can lead to a 'Domino' effect whereby the failed item can damage other components in the system.

All this could be prevented with one call to KEVLR. Our initial assessment is completely FREE. Call now to book an appointment & let us guide you, after all, our philosophy is to give "BEST ADVICE" so rest assured, you will not be mislead or confused, we only SUGGEST the best course of action, whether you act on it is your choice.




Hydraulic system testing